The purpose of this contest is to give a young person and their family the blessing of the joys and cares of raising and owning a heifer calf, to encourage those who do not presently own Normandes to become involved with the breed, and to promote the Normande breed in general.


Through this program one registered Purebred or Fullblood Normande heifer calf will be awarded to the applicant from the Northeast US who shows high interest in the Normande breed and demonstrates the potential of developing a great relationship with their animal. The winning applicant will also be awarded one year of free membership to NANA (North American Normande Association) as a Junior Member.

The deadline for applications to be received is May 1 of each year. Winner will be announced by May 15 of each year and details for receipt of animal worked out as best to suit situation of the recipient, with ownership transfer occurring at that time if the plan is to show the animal in that year.

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