2015 Recipient

I am Dylan Dyn and am the May 2015 winner of the Hooves and Boots award. Being the recipient of this award has changed my life in many ways. When I received “Snowflake”, my Normande heifer, I immediately became attached to her. We spent hours together each day, all summer. In August 2015, I showed her at the Herkimer County Fair. She and I received the Junior Grand Champion Award in our class.

Writing the essay was a heartfelt moment for me. I was able to share with the Dibble Family how much I love farming and how interested I am in the Normande breed. I have gotten to know their family and am thankful for the time they have spent in teaching me more about the breed.

I encourage each person to write an essay to submit. I am so glad I did. I now have Snowflake, and am hoping to acquire more Normandes in the coming years. They are wonderful animals and have many purposes. Although Snowflake’s main purpose……is being my best friend. Thank you Dibble Family!!

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